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My name is Jan, and I have been living in Tena, Napo, Ecuador, for past 9 years. I have apprenticed with the local shamans and founded several projects aimed at helping foreign visitors to reach the shamanic medicine. I live among the kichwa tribe (also known as naporuna). Very often I am in contact with the kichwa and shuar people who harvest and prepare high quality medicines from the rainforest, such as wild tobacco (more known as mapacho) and Ayahuasca. It is my pleasure to be able to help the native people to preserve their knowledge and traditions by directly supporting them by my fair-trade business that ships organic quality medicinal plants worldwide. You are welcome to make a contribution to the Amazon an its people, and at the same time acquire some of the treasures of the jungle pharmacopoeia. As you will notice, our medicinal plants have specific energetic quality, that is given especially by the clean environment we enjoy here at the foot of the Andes, where crystalline rivers are plentiful. I hope that this quality will contribute to amplify the healing that you receive during your sacred ceremonies.

Fresh and strong

Our plants are harvested and dried properly. We send the freshest plants which are full of healing power.

Organic and fair-trade

The plants we sell grow in very clean environment without the use of herbicides or other chemicals.

Supporting the indigenous people

We love helping the native people. The products are acquired directly from the kichwa families.

“I understand that when it comes to ritual work and ceremonies, you don’t want just any plants. You want best quality plants prepared by people with right intentions and clean energy. Only such medicines can work truly magic.”

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